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Adore your linen sheets? Discover the ultimate tips on how to make them go to distance

Adore your linen sheets? Discover the ultimate tips on how to make them go to distance


Linen bedding has become the elevated bedroom’s accessory du jour thanks to its ability to make any space look like it’s been plucked from your dream Pinterest board. But, beyond its photogenic qualities, it might surprise you that this trending natural fibre comes with a whole host of benefits. It’s a great temperature regulator (it keeps you breezy in summer and toasty in winter), it’s durable (linen thread is twice as durable as other manchester), and boasts anti-bacterial properties, too. The best bit? It becomes softer and more comfortable the more its used... but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to caring for your bedding.

Considering you spend a third of your life in bed, ensuring your sheets last the distance is probably a smart idea, and this is exactly how to properly care for your linen. It’s an investment, after all.


Be gentle

Sure, you can machine wash your linen but ensure you always choose a gentle setting. Use lukewarm or cold water and a mild liquid detergent to protect the fibres. Whether washing your linen by hand or by machine, always ensure that it’s thoroughly rinsed in plenty of water to remove any trace of soap and detergent. This’ll prevent the formation of age spots which are caused by oxidation.



Ditch the iron

One way you can both ensure your linen bedding lasts the distance (and buy yourself more time to devote to your online shopping addiction) is by ditching the iron. Linen will naturally become softer and cosier with every wash and the natural crumples and texture are what give it that straight-out-of-an-interiors-book aesthetic.


Say no to plastic storage
Linen is a natural fibre and needs to breathe, so avoid storing it in plastic unless you prefer your bedding to take on a light brown hue. Keep your spare linen sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases squirreled away in airtight storage containers because you’re Type A organised? Sadly this is only going to trap in moisture creating the perfect environment for mildew to grow. Stick to cool, dry cupboards and drawers, and if you want to be extra vigilant, line your linen cupboard or storage space with acid-free tissue paper that’ll prevent the dreaded yellow tinge.


No more dry cleaning
In news that will please the budget-friendly among us, linen bedding doesn’t need to be dry cleaned. In fact, avoid the dry cleaners unless you want to ruin your cosy sheets; some of the chemicals used can weaken the fibres.  



Keep it cool (and dark)
Like pinot gris and chocolate-covered strawberries, linen is best kept in a cool, dry space. Storing it somewhere with minimal light exposure will also help to ensure the longevity of the fabric.


Wash with caution
Sure, separating your washing is not something many of us have time for, but if you want your linen bedding to exist without unsightly pilling it’s a necessary evil. Ensure you don’t mix your beloved sheets with items with pesky buttons, zippers or velcro.



Remove stains immediately
Because linen is a natural fibre, any stains need to be addressed immediately so they don’t become permanent. Guilty of the odd ‘ice cream in bed while watching Netflix’ session? Don’t worry, this is a judgement-free zone. But if you happen to stain your sheets, it’s important to deal with it straightaway. Sprinkle a little baking soda onto the offending mark, add a few drops of vinegar and blot gently with a paper towel to soak up excess moisture. Then wash as normal.



Goodbye fabric softeners
Are you a sucker for fabric softeners? Sadly they’re up there on the list of linen bedding enemies because they coat the natural fibres and disintegrate them over time. The good news is linen naturally softens - and becomes more cosy - over time. By simply washing your sheets you’ll be making them softer.



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